Monday, June 4, 2012

Natural Cleaning Recipes- Glass Cleaner

Did you know that there are many alternative natural cleaners that work just as well as their chemical laden counterparts?  A quick internet search will yield the benefits of using baking soda, white distilled vinegar (acetic acid), lemons (citric acid), hydrogen peroxide, salt, and also natural vegetable oil soap.  To save time and money, buy the ingredients in bulk and make bigger quantities at one time.

There are many good recipes for natural glass cleaner with varying amounts of water, vinegar, and liquid soap.  Here is one that we use and like, you can vary the amounts of each ingredient if you like.

Combine the following:
Vinegar -  4 cups
Wash Tyme Clean & Green Liquid unscented or scented -  8 tablespoons
Add water until you have 1 gallon total
Shake gently to mix
Put in a spray bottle!

You can use this in your car windshield wiper reservoir in warmer months as well.  When washing windows you can also use old newspaper which will not leave any lint and is another way to re-use old newspaper.

Please share your green cleaning tips with us in the comments section and stay tuned for more recipes!

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Irina Saveliev said...

I personally love a new natural glass cleaner that came out called Powglass. It did an amazing job cleaning my car windows and my husband's big screen tv. Absolutely love it that i don't have to waste money on expensive electronics cleaners. Highly recommended.